Florida Toll Violation News

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The discussions about toll violations and toll violation scams are still going on. Here a few of the latest. Just be cautious and ask your traffic ticket lawyer.

Unpaid Tolls – Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority
Under Florida Law, this image can be used by the Expressway Authority to issue a … to violate, your account will be frozen and you will receive an Unpaid Toll …

Toll Violation At Court | Traffic Ticket office
Tampa, FL — Someone is sending fake collection notices to people all over the state with a not-so-veiled threat: Pay a $50 toll violation or face legal trouble, even a suspended license. Of course, none of it is true. “I think a lot …

Guide to Electronic Toll Payments
James Muma Mwape, published 2009, 192 pages

Toll roads in the United States
A toll road in the United States , especially near the east coast, is often called California ‘s FasTrak ; Florida ‘s SunPass ; Kansas ‘s


toll violations – Consumerist
A Florida judge tossed out thousands of Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority and Florida Turnpike Authority toll violation citations for people getting tickets for no apparent reason because their toll transponders malfunctioned. Florida Judges Tosses Out Thousands Of Bogus Toll Fines.

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