Good Morning Fans of the Traffic Ticket Office

Today launches our new blogging adventure on the Traffic Ticket Office website.  I will be posting a blog on our website concerning Traffic Laws, once or twice weekly, with a recap and review at the end of each month. We will continue to post on Facebook for all of our fans, who are part of our Top Fan Family, and who like or comment on our posts for a chance to win our monthly prizes.  This is the last month (and only two days left) for a chance to win a Mini-Ipad. (Unfortunately, it’s pretty late to get started for that one). However, starting March 1, 2013 a new contest will begin, so be looking for the new prize announcement and enter to win. Details are posted elsewhere on our website.  

O.K., now with that out of the way here are some ground rules:  The topics chosen by our Blogmeister (That’s me) will be general in nature and of interest to all our fans.  These comments should not be considered legal advice or opinions and in no way establishes an attorney/client relationship.  For specific questions concerning traffic citations, for both civil and criminal traffic offenses, including reckless driving and D.U.I. (which will be discussed in later blog posts) and other driver license issues, please contact one of our traffic attorneys at (305) LAW-FIRM (529-3476)  for a free consultation.

Our next blog will address issues already raised by some fans concerning traffic infractions on your Driving Record and Sealing and Expunging Criminal Traffic Records.  

Safe Driving! Buckle Up!

Till next time ………….